Don’t stage dive! Skrillex adds a lawsuit to his résumé

Electronic musician Skrillex may be learning a tough lesson — stage diving can be dangerous and it doesn’t always result in an awesome show. Sometimes it results in lawsuits.

Skrillex faces a lawsuit for injuring fan during stage dive

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Just a couple of years ago, Skrillex appeared to come from nowhere only to crash onto the scene and nab three Grammy Awards in 2012.

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Since then, the musician, whose real name is Sonny Moore, has been stealing headlines and playing to packed-out arenas.

There is some stiff competition in the music world at the moment, and to stand out, not only do your tunes have to be worth listening to, you also have to put on a great show. Except, it appears that in Skrillex’s case, he got a little carried away.

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According to TMZ, the “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” hit maker is allegedly facing a lawsuit from a fan named Jennifer Fraissl, who claims she got injured at one of his gigs at The Belasco in Los Angeles, California, in 2012, following a stage diving incident.

In fact, it’s not just minor injuries that Fraissl is suing for — she’s asking for unspecified damages because she claims she allegedly suffered a stroke as a result of trauma after the DJ and producer landed on her.

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Fraissl claims Skrillex intended to crowd surf and asked the crowd to move forward so he could take a leap of faith and dive into a sea of fans. However, because partygoer Fraissl was in front of the stage, she was unable to move or get away and was subsequently injured.

According to TMZ, Skrillex and the event’s organizers, who are said to have failed to stop the alleged incident, have been named in the lawsuit.

There has been no comment from Skrillex or the event’s organizers about the incident, but perhaps all the potential stress of facing an alleged lawsuit is distracting the musician from releasing another album?

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Luckily for Skrillex fans, according to NME, he revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe last year that new tracks are coming soon.

Skrillex said, “I have a lot of music right now, I have more songs than an album… will it be two releases or will it be one release? I don’t know. If it feels like an album, it’s an album, if it doesn’t, then it’s gonna be a 10-minute mega song.”


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