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VIDEO: Kevin Hart’s bloopers from About Last Night junket


Funny guy Kevin Hart has us giggling with his silly witticisms and racy one-liners. Watch our video if you like to laugh.

Photo credit: Sony

Kevin Hart stars in the film About Last Night, a remake of the 1986 film that originally starred Demi Moore and Rob Lowe as star-crossed lovers in Chicago.

Almost 30 years later, Kevin Hart breathes new comedic life into this modern tale of two couples searching for love. We sat down for a serious interview with Hart and beautiful co-star Regina Hall, but got a hilarious improv show instead!

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Hart seemed quite tickled when he found out he was being interviewed for our website, given that we focus on women. “Well, I’m going to be a big hit on this!” he said, then looked straight into the camera and trumpeted, “Hello, ladies!”

Hart’s funny mind works so fast, so frenetically, we wonder if he takes anything seriously. A serious coffee buzz doesn’t come close to describing Hart’s endless energy and enthusiasm.

Our favorite outtake from the interview? When Hart says, “You don’t know, she knows! Oh, no!” To which our lovely host, Jessica Hickam, said, “That should be our new slogan!” We like.

The 33-year-old actor hails from Philadelphia and starred alongside Ice Cube in the sleeper hit Ride Along that released last month but is still going strong at the box office, earning third place after The Monuments Men and The LEGO Movie, which took second and first place, respectively.

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Given that Ride Along has earned over $100 million so far, it’s no surprise that Hart is rumored to be making a sequel to the film, currently listed on IMDb as Ride Along 2. The first Ride Along‘s budget was a skinny $25 million, so we may be in for a whole franchise that could continue for years to come.

About Last Night opens in theaters on Feb. 14 to celebrate Valentine’s day.

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