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Miley Cyrus is no puppet, Lily Allen says she wants to be sexy!

Lily Allen has love for Miley Cyrus, and she’s convinced that nothing the pop star does has been forced upon her by her management — Cyrus wants to be sexy!

Lily Allen praises Miley Cyrus for her sexy appearance

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Miley Cyrus stole all the headlines in 2013 with her wild antics and barely there outfits, and British singer Lily Allen has something to say about Cyrus and her sex appeal.

According to Contact Music, Allen was filled with praise and approval for fellow singer Cyrus’ provocative appearance during an interview with France’s NRJ Radio.

Allen believes no one is pulling puppet strings when it comes to Cyrus’ risque behavior — she’s calling all the shots.

Allen said, ”I actually think Rihanna and Miley in particular are [being sexy] because they want to do it. I don’t think someone sat in a room with Miley Cyrus and said, ‘Right you’re going to be sexy, stick your tongue out and wear bikinis.'”

”She wants to do that, she’s got a banging body. She’s worked out in the gym all the time, she wants to show it off, that’s great.”

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The “Air Balloon” hit maker has a strong belief that if women feel comfortable showing off their bodies, then they should do so. However, it becomes offensive when it’s the artist’s management that dictates how a woman should look and act, and that was the inspiration behind Allen’s hit feminist single “Hard Out Here.”

Allen revealed, “‘Hard Out Here’ was a comment on the state of the music industry where women are concerned. As a woman that works in this industry, if I want to be sexy and take my clothes off, I’ll do it of my own accord.”

”It’s when somebody tells you to do it that I find it offensive. If you were a record company person you’d never ask a boy to take his top off. I just don’t want someone saying to me, ‘You’ve got to lose 50 pounds or take your clothes off to sell records,’ because it’s not true.”

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Although, the 28-year-old star definitely does not need to take off her clothes to sell records — she has just debuted a new song titled “L8 CMMR” for the hit HBO series Girls.

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