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VIDEO: Endless Love’s Alex Pettyfer and sex scenes: Was he intimidated?

We sat down with British hottie Alex Pettyfer to talk about his new movie and get the skinny on those steamy sex scenes.

We loved him as the bad boy Adam in Magic Mike. But in this movie that’s a remake of the original from 1981, Alex Pettyfer explores his softer side.

We wanted to know if Alex believes in true love, and he said, “Yes, but I don’t think one person can have one soul mate. This is just my view. I think you can have a couple.”

A couple of soul mates? He continued, “I think it’s about connection. And it’s about growing with someone.” Aww.

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We also wanted to know if the actor is as rebellious as some of the characters he plays.

“I don’t know if I’m rebellious. It’s funny, I play these bad boys and my mum follows me on press ’cause she’s in England. I’ve done these movies like The Butler and In Time, and I get bad press. Then as soon as I do Endless Love and play the nice guy, I got nice press. So my mum goes, ‘From now on you can only play nice men — no more bad boys. I’m sick and tired of reading in the press you’re a rebellious bad boy. I know what a goody-goody you are.'”

Pettyfer admits that in real life, he’s quite shy, just like his character in this movie. He gets easily tongue-tied and refers to himself as “Larry David.”

“When I go up to a beautiful woman, I cannot speak. I remember being like 18 and I was at a party, and one of the most conventionally beautiful women I’d ever seen came up to me and was like, ‘Hi, I watched you in a movie and I just wanted to come up and say hello.’ She was a friend of mine’s friend, I was just…uh…  It was so embarrassing. That’s literally what my life is like.”

Surprisingly, after playing a stripper in Magic Mike, Pettyfer was intimidated by the sex scenes in Endless Love.

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“It was like going back in time. I was playing 18, so all these experiences are new for me when I’m playing David. It was very nerve-wracking. On top of the fact that when you’re doing a love scene, you’ve got like 12 other men standing in the room with lights.”

That’s a new definition of performance anxiety. Watch our video to see what else he had to say about his trouble talking to women.

Endless Love opens on Valentine’s Day.

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