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INTERVIEW: Girl Meets World cast talks Boy Meets World

You’ve heard the news about the Boy Meets World spinoff, right? SheKnows chatted with the kids from Girl Meets World about how awesome the original was and how working with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel was like forming a new family.

This weekend the young stars of the highly anticipated Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World, hit the Vampire Academy premiere. SheKnows stalked the red carpet for a chance to chat with these precious new starlets and we’re so glad we did! Not only did we chat about their favorite upcoming episode, but they also told us about life on the set. How is it working with America’s favorite couple, Cory and Topanga (the newly married Danielle Fishel)?

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“They’re a pleasure to work with,” said Rowan Blanchard, who plays Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga’s daughter Riley. “We’ve actually met some of the other original cast members and they’re all wonderful people.”

“They’re family to us at this point and it’s been really cool to say that they’re that close with us,” chimed in her co-star, Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Riley’s best friend. “It’s amazing.”

The new cast is so young! Could they possibly understand the love ’90s kids had for Riley’s parents? Do they know the hold Boy Meets World has on our generation? As it turns out, they do, thanks to syndication and Netflix.

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“I was born when it ended,” Carpenter said. “But I did watch all the reruns. Honestly, though, it’s the best show. It just taught so many lessons.”

“The beauty of it is that every single episode is a life lesson and no matter if [you caught it in] the ’90s or now, the lesson still applies,” Blanchard added. “Which I think is great.”

Should we expect more of those life lessons ahead? Definitely. Just like Boy Meets World followed Cory as he grew up and learned how to deal with life, we’ll see the same thing happen with Riley. As a matter of fact, one of the episodes the cast is most excited about sounds like it’ll be a real tearjerker, like so many good BMW episodes were!

“My favorite episode is ‘Girl Meets Father,'” Blanchard shared. “I think that’s probably everyone’s. It’s a tough episode to get through without crying. It’s a great episode.”

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Aww! We can’t wait. To find out more about the characters, hear that classic “Feeny” call and get the inside scoop on possible guest appearances, watch our full interview above.

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