Bethenny Frankel rents apartment to get away from her ex

Her divorce is dragging on, so Bethenny Frankel decided it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She rented a second apartment.


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It’s been a long road for Bethenny Frankel and her ex, Jason Hoppy. Since their divorce won’t be settled anytime soon, the talk-show host decided to take matters into her own hands and rent a second apartment.

It’s been well-documented that the couple reached a stalemate a long time ago and both have refused to leave the custom-built loft they shared together. Over a year into the demise of their marriage, it appears Frankel has had enough.

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According to Us Weekly, the former reality star is ready for some privacy. She rented another apartment in New York City so she can have privacy with her boyfriend, Michael Cerussi.

An insider revealed that things are heating up between the 43-year-old Frankel and the 34-year-old financier. The new couple made their first public appearance together while on vacation in Miami over the new year.

The source said, “They’re exclusive.”

It also appears that Hoppy is the one who is holding up the divorce, even with a prenuptial agreement in place. The insider said that he “has been offered millions to settle, but asked for quadruple.”

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In addition to the financial settlement, the couple is also arguing over custody of their 3-year-old daughter Bryn. Both have filed for primary custody of the little girl.

The proceedings have been going on for 14 months with no end in sight. It’s no wonder Frankel had to take action with that second apartment.


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