The Vampire Academy's cast spills on Zoey Deutch's troublemaking ways

Feb 5, 2014 at 4:47 p.m. ET

At the red carpet for the premiere of Vampire Academy, the cast spilled on Zoey Deutch's troublemaking ways on the set of the hit movie.

Zoey Deutch plays a straight-shooting, butt-kicking character on Vampire Academy, but her fellow cast mates claim that she was the biggest troublemaker on the set of the hit new movie.

SheKnows was able to catch up with several Vampire Diaries cast members during the film's red carpet premiere event and they all spilled on Zoey Deutch's troublemaking side.

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"I definitely think Zoey is [the biggest troublemaker]," director Mark Waters said. "I made the mistake of saying in an interview that she's very in-your-face and she read it... and she went, 'How can you say that?' Then she would come up to me and just put her face right next to my cheek, sneak up and go, 'Am I in your face?'"

Deutch plays the movie's lead, Dhampir Rose Hathaway, a half-human, half-vampire trained to protect the more vulnerable Moroi vampires. In the film she's strong-willed and straightlaced, but her co-star Dominique Tipper, who plays fellow Dhampir Guardian Gabriela, agreed she really was a jokester on the set of the movie.

"She liked to play pranks and stuff and she was very lively and vibrant," Tipper said, but admitted that "we all kind of got up to trouble all the time, always messing about. We really get on as a cast and hopefully that will show in the film."

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Ashley Charles, who portrays Jesse, called Deutch "rather unpredictable" to work with and added that the whole cast was a lot of fun and each had their own awesome personality.

"I think they cast some very explosive actors for this that really brought these [characters] to life," Charles added. "Everyone was fantastic. It was so much fun."

Vampire Academy hits U.S. theaters on Feb. 7.

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