TRAILER: Shailene Woodley’s on the run in Divergent

Earlier today, the final trailer for Divergent debuted online. With a haunting narration by Shailene Woodley, the footage leaves a lasting impression.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole?” Divergent is an extreme version of that. Like The Hunger Games before it, the film centers on a young woman who refuses to play by the rules. The film takes pace in an alternate future where conformity is a necessity.

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Shailene Woodley stars as Tris Prior, a teenager who has an incredibly rare talent. In her world, when you come of age, you must undergo a personality test to determine which faction you belong in. If you’re Divergent, you have an unfair advantage that allows you to manipulate your test’s outcome. Because of that, they’re considered extremely dangerous.

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Tris is Divergent and quickly realizes that she’s on a hit list. Not only that, but there’s a threat looming over her and everyone who shares her gift. But instead of staying underground, Tris decides to fight back. With the help of new friends, namely the militant Four (Theo James), she attempts to break the mold.

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Divergent’s based on the best-selling book by Veronica Roth. The film is directed by Neil Burger and co-stars Oscar-winner Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, Maggie Q, Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller and Tony Goldwyn.

Check out the trailer for Divergent below:

The film opens in theaters and IMAX March 21.

What do you think of the final trailer for Divergent?

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