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Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock guests on Sesame Street


What could possibly be hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock? Cumberbatch interacting with two Muppets, apparently!
Well, we’re done. We didn’t think anything could be cuter than Tom Hiddleston on Sesame Street, but Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch has proved us wrong.

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Cumberbatch showed up on Sesame Street to film a scene with The Count and Murray and, as it turns out, even Murray is a huge Sherlockian. He loves the show so much that the adorable Muppet deemed himself Sherlock’s new arch-nemesis, Murrayarity, and refused to acknowledge that it was just an actor before him and not the actual sociopathic detective.

“Murray, I don’t really have arch-nemeses in real life,” Cumberbatch told the furry fan.

“Well, ya do today! And his name is Murrayarity!” cackled Murray. “Are you ready for my brain-bending challenge, Sherlock?”

“I’m not really Sherlock. I just play him on the television,” Cumberbatch told his new nemesis.

“Well, what’s your name then?” questioned Murray.


“Well, then: Are you ready for my brain-bending challenge, Benedict Sherlock?” Murray challenged.

Let’s be honest: That doesn’t sound any more ludicrous than “Benedict Cumberbatch,” does it?

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That “brain-bending challenge” was a lineup of apples and oranges. Cumberbatch needed to pick which there were more of. As we all know, actors aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box. Even the English ones. So, Benedict Sherlock called in a little help from his buddy The Count. Together they counted and did the math to discover than Murrayarity had more apples than oranges.

We’re still uncertain if today’s term was “arch-nemesis” or “more than.” Either way, it’s a delightful way to spend two and a half minutes of your day, right?

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Hopefully Cumberbatch doesn’t mind being called Sherlock. Sherlock‘s showrunner has made it known that the only way they plan on ending the fantastically famous show is if Cumberbatch should ever get tired of his role. Looks like the ball is in his court and we can’t imagine the kind gent would ever want to disappoint his fans.

We have one very important question, though: Who had a better Street spot? Loki or Khan?

Image courtesy of PBS

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