The queen wants to dictate Kate Middleton’s wardrobe

Queen Elizabeth II is not impressed with the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe and short hemlines. Is Kate Middleton about to get a wardrobe makeover?

Kate Middleton gets a wardrobe revamp

If rumors are to be believed, then Queen Elizabeth II is not impressed by Kate Middleton‘s wardrobe, and she’d like the Duchess of Cambridge to ditch her elegant sundresses and opt for something even more royal — with a much longer hemline.

According to Vanity Fair, royal correspondent Katie Nicholl reports in the Mail on Sunday that the queen has requested the 32-year-old royal to alter her wardrobe before heading out on her three-and-a-half-week Australian tour in April.

The requests include daytime dresses with “lower hemlines” than those we have previously seen Middleton wearing as well as more lavish jewelry pieces from Her Majesty’s collection. Middleton is also “encouraged to wear the tiaras favored by the queen and Queen Mother.”

“This trip will be about Kate appearing more royal than ever — you can expect to see a lot more tiaras and the queen will be watching closely,” a palace source said.

The duchess will be representing England during her trip just as Princess Diana did years before her. The event is significant for England, and the Daily Mail has reported that the queen is even willing to part with her personal dresser, Angela Kelly, to help Middleton prepare the wardrobe for her trip.

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Kelly has advised Queen Elizabeth II on her wardrobe for many overseas tours and is expected to work her magic on the duchess this time around.

The news that the duchess will have to revamp her wardrobe may come as a slight shock to many because she has been praised countless times by the media for having such a fresh and fashionable approach to her clothing. She usually opts for high street pieces rather than having an entirely designer wardrobe.

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It is believed Middleton will adhere to Her Majesty’s wishes — as do all of the royals. However, that does not mean she will travel without requesting the help of her favorite designers Alice Temperley and Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, who will create some beautiful custom-made dresses, even if the dresses have significantly longer hemlines.

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