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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Swan Princess debuts break-dancing puffin

The Swan Princess franchise is 20 years old and to celebrate, we’re bringing you a 10-minute exclusive clip from this delightful animated tale.

Russia’s famous Bolshoi Ballet first performed Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake in 1877 and the story is still entertaining audiences nearly a century and a half later.

Pulled from Russian folklore, this story about a beautiful princess who was turned into a swan is timeless. After all, who can forget the powerful Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan, for which Natalie Portman won an Oscar?

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This modern animated version of the story, The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale, is the fifth installment in the Swan Princess franchise, all directed by Richard Rich.

The Swan Princess Christmas debuted in 2012 on DVD, after a 12-year break from the films.

In this latest installment, Princess Odette (Elle Deets) and Prince Derek (Yuri Lowenthal) adopt a little girl named Alise. Why did the King and Queen decide to adopt a child? Perhaps to set an example of kindness by depicting a family offering their home and love to a child in need. That, or the whole pregnancy thing was too complicated to get into.

Either way, Odette is a doting mother and grows truly concerned for her daughter when she gets stolen by squirrels.

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An ancient prophesy foretells that “in the coming day, an evil Swan Princess will usher in an age of despair” and all the woodland critters are up in arms, afraid that Alise is the evil white swan, and hide her away.

In this 10-minute clip, we get to see Alise bond with her new mother after Alise begins to cry. Odette has a flashback to her own difficult past and tries to reassure Alise that everything is going to be OK.

The clip also treats us to a fun song, sung by Odette that asks Alise to “tell us what you’re thinking” and features a break-dancing puffin and moonwalking frog.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale releases on DVD Feb. 25.

Photo credit: Sony

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