Old RoboCop vs. new: How are they different?

We sat down with actors Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman to find out how this remake of the classic action film compares to the 1987 version. If you’re a fan of the original, you may be surprised by the differences.

The automation of violence isn’t a new concept, the U.S. military began using armed drone aircraft in the Gulf War in 1991. But having a human operate unmanned weapons from a remote terminal is very different than combining deadly machines with human bodies.

Just the thought of that combination sounds frightening and freakish, but what if it meant no policeman would ever die in the line of duty again? It’s certainly something to consider.

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Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is a hardworking, Detroit cop who’s trying to clean up his crime-riddled city. After a life-threatening accident, his wife is offered a choice: let her husband die, or allow him to become part of a bionic experiment. She chooses to let him become RoboCop.

Given that technology has advanced so enormously since the first film was released in 1987, we asked lead actor Joel Kinnaman how this new version compares to the original.

“It’s a very different film, very different in tone, it’s two very different directors that have done different movies. Our movie is set in a time where this technology is almost upon us and it is being used and we can already see some of the consequences of using violence but being detached from it. So, it adds a very different idea in that way.”

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We were also curious how things have changed for the central character, Alex Murphy.

“When it comes to character, I think the big difference is that Alex Murphy doesn’t die in our version. When he wakes up as RoboCop, he’s completely aware, he knows who he is, he has all his memories. He had to face this reality as himself.”

The actor also said his costume affected his character as well. “The suit became an integral part of finding a way into the mind-space of Alex Murphy and the contrast of emotion that he was both a very powerful yet almost invincible man, but so vulnerable.”

Gary Oldman plays Dr. Dennett Norton, a bionic engineer and pioneer of cutting edge technology. Watch our video to find out what he had to say about the remake.

RoboCop opens Feb. 12.

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