Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Beatriz on Diaz and Boyle’s future

What do you ask the star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the show hand-picked to air after the Super Bowl? Obviously, you bother her about whether your two favorite characters will ever hook up!

Stephanie Beatriz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

SheKnows caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz recently and had a chance to chat with her about what’s ahead on the Golden Globe–winning show, as well as about its awesome new Super Bowl episode. We may have had a few more important questions plaguing us, though. You know, like what the hell is going to happen with Boyle and Diaz?!

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“I’m looking forward to the new developments in Rosa and Charles’ relationship,” Beatriz said. “Joe Lo Truglio, who plays Charles Boyle, and I — we just love all the new stuff the writers are sending us through the scripts that they’ve written. So, I’m looking forward to that and the continuation of their friendship/weird whatever-that-is… thing. It’s really fun to play. Joe and I love talking about the new stuff that the writers put in the scripts. So, we’re super pumped about that.”

There are tons of hard-core shippers out there rooting for the quirky and surly cops to end up together. We know Charles Boyle is pretty much in love with Diaz, but will she ever warm up to him? Will we ever see them together?

“I mean, if that ever happens, it’s gonna be a long time comin’ cause those two are so, excuse my language, they are both so f***ed up in the head! Like both of them are crazy. How could anybody ever date those two, you know what I mean?” Beatriz said. “But, don’t you think Rosa would just like kill him or something? Like just snap his neck in two?”

Probably. But we still want to see it! Can we expect any bit of gratification by the end of the season?

“I guess I can tease that, like… the Rosa/Boyle dynamic gets really fun. It’s been fun, right? But it gets real fun. It’s been fun as hell to play, so I’m sure it’s going to be fun for fans to watch,” she teased. “I think that anyone that is invested in any way, shape or form in Rosa and Charles will be entertained.”

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Hmmm… not as promising as we were hoping for, but at least we know to expect some laughs along the way. The same goes for the post–Super Bowl episode. While the show may not reference the Super Bowl in particular, it has picked up football legend Joe Theismann for a guest appearance on the special episode. Fred Armisen is on hand, too, and Dean Winters returns as the Vulture, a government agent who loves nothing more than to come in and scoop up the Nine-Nine’s cases once they’re almost solved. Beatriz teased that Armisen’s and Winters’ roles are definitely connected, but she wouldn’t say how. We’ll just have to tune in and find out! She did say, though, that she loved working with 30 Rock alum Winters.

“I love filming with Dean. He’s so funny and cool to be around,” Beatriz told us. “And he’s so gung ho, especially about physical comedy stuff. He just loves to get in there and do stuff. Like in the past episode, he kicked down a door. He’s just fun to have around on set.”

We’re so excited for the Super Bowl episode! Beatriz is, too. She has plans to party hard on Super Bowl Sunday.

“I am gonna be watching with some friends, and then I’m definitely going to be watching the show afterward,” she shared. “Then [I’ll] celebrate with some delicious snacks and Champagne.”

Beatriz and the entire Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast have plenty of celebrating to do. Along with winning that coveted post-Bowl time slot, they also recently won a Golden Globe. We asked the oh-so-sweet Beatriz if she was surprised by the goofball comedy’s win, and she was still a little speechless over the matter.

“I mean, I have no… I mean, literally, I was just happy to be called for a first audition for the show,” she says. “I mean, I was beyond excited that Mike and Dan were calling me to come and read. This Golden Globe thing is just like, ‘Whoa!’ I’m on cloud nine. I couldn’t get any happier. It’s pretty amazing.”

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We couldn’t be any happier for her and the rest of the gang, either. While everyone else is rooting for the Broncos or the Seahawks, we’ll be waiting for the postgame show, when we can root for Boyle and Diaz. Are you shipping them as hard as we are?

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