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TCM celebrates “31 Days of Oscar

Ready to get a little old-school? Prep for the Academy Awards with TCM’s “31 Days of Oscar.” We’re so excited for all that black and white!

Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire

The biggest awards show of the year, the Oscars, is just a few short weeks away. Before we can truly appreciate this year’s winners, though, Turner Classic Movies thinks we need a look back at some of the previous winners. To help us get to know the films the Academy deemed winners, TCM is hosting “31 Days of Oscar.” For the next few weeks, TCM is nearly “all Oscars, all the time.”

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They’ll feature a whole slew of legendary dramas. From A Farewell to Arms to The Dirty Dozen, TCM will explore some of the most classically-gritty films. They’ll even showcase the more haunting movies, like What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and the creepy 1962 version of The Manchurian Candidate. All you drama-lovers out there are sure to be pleased.

It won’t be all blood, guts and glory, though. TCM is also playing some of the more uplifting wins, as well. Of course, they’ll air Singin’ in the Rain and the original Father of the Bride. You can even sing along to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Music Man. Ahhh, now that’s some classic entertainment!

For fans of new(ish) movies, TCM will air plenty of those, too. From the ’70s, you can catch hits like The Goodbye Girl and *swoon!* The Way We Were. Then, from the ’80s, they’re airing movies like Sleepless in Seattle and The Year of Living Dangerously.

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Hooked? Us, too! It gets even better, though. As part of the celebration, TCM has also put together a special documentary, And The Oscar Goes To…, all about the Academy Awards. Make sure to check out the doc, the great movies listed above and all the other movies they’ll play during the next couple of weeks. Below, you can find a full schedule of what categories and years are running each day… just in case there’s something in particular you want to see. Enjoy!

Feb. 1: Best Picture nominees from 1939

Feb. 2: Best Picture nominees from 1945

Feb. 3: Best Costume Design, Color, nominees from 1954

Feb. 4: Best Director nominees from 1932-33

Feb. 5: Best Supporting Actor nominees from 1946

Feb. 6: Best Actress nominees from 1966

Feb. 7: Best Actor nominees from 1953

Feb. 8: Best Picture nominees from 1949

Feb. 9: Best Picture nominees from 1936

Feb. 10: Best Original Screenplay nominees from 1940

Feb. 11: Best Adapted Screenplay nominees from 1956

Feb. 12: Best Supporting Actress nominees from 1963

Feb. 13: Best Actress nominees from 1942

Feb. 14: Best Actor nominees from 1955

Feb. 15: Best Picture nominees from 1929-30

Feb. 16: Best Picture nominees from 1951

Feb. 17: Best Scoring of Music — Adaptation or Treatment nominees from 1962

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Feb. 18: Best Film Editing nominees from 1959

Feb. 19: Best Supporting Actor nominees from 1937

Feb. 20: Best Actress nominees from 1934

Feb. 21: Best Actor nominees from 1944

Feb. 22: Best Picture nominees from 1948

Feb. 23: Best Picture nominees from 1938

Feb. 24: Best B/W Art Direction — Set Decoration nominees from 1965

Feb. 25: Best Cinematography, Black-and-White, nominees from 1947

Feb. 26: Best Actress nominees from 1931-32

Feb. 27: Best Actor nominees from 1943

March 1: Best Picture nominees from 1967

March 2: Best Picture nominees from 1935

March 3: Best Special Effects nominees from 1958

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