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VIDEOS: Watch 10 Super Bowl commercials before the game

Bring on the celebs, hot bods and puppies! Oh, yeah, the Super Bowl game is great too, but we’re talking commercials here, people. Check out 10 ads before the game.

Get ready to laugh and then cry and then laugh again. We’ve got your first look at the 2014 Super Bowl commercials including all the celebs and puppies you could possibly handle in one sitting. And did we mention the Full House mini-reunion? Because that still has us in a tizzy.

If these commercials are any indication, Super Bowl XLVIII will not disappoint. Here are 10 ads we already want to watch again.

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Anna Kendrick for Newcastle

As if the girl couldn’t get any cooler, Anna Kendrick asks the question we all wonder to ourselves at one point or another in our lives: Am I beer-commercial hot? The verdict, we’re happy to report is, “No, but I love a challenge.”

Volkswagen gives German engineers their wings

Volkswagen helps us get in the Super Bowl spirit by granting a German engineer his or her wings every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles. And we’ll call it, “It’s a Wonderful Volkswagen.”

Cheerios revisits mixed-race family

Last summer, Cheerios released an ad featuring a mixed-race family that drew quite a bit of controversy due to a host of ugly, racist remarks the video received online. Well, Cheerios is bringing back that family for Super Bowl 2014, in a heartwarming spot where the dad uses Cheerios to explain to his daughter that she will soon have a baby brother.

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Budweiser tells the tale of Clydesdale and puppy friendship

Get out the tissues before watching this ad. Adoption and horse/puppy friendship all in one clip? It’s enough to bring on the waterworks for sure! We love this heartwarming little tale.

Ellen DeGeneres and the three bears for Beats Music

Anything with Ellen DeGeneres is fun. This commercial features the host as a clever little Goldilocks on a quest for her just-right music.

Audi scares with the Doberhuahua

It’s a what? The Doberhuahua is a mixed-breed little pooch that doesn’t go so well. The moral of the ad: Compromise is scary. Because that mantra is sure to save relationships everywhere. Still, the ad is amusing. We love the Sarah McLachlan moment.

Heinz makes a fart joke

Yep, they did it. The classic fart joke to the tune of, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” It’s already being considered a contender for the worst 2014 Super Bowl commercial by some.

The Muppets hijack a Highlander

Terry Crews makes a big mistake in this commercial: He pulls over to help out some troubled Muppets in need. Don’t worry, this ad ends on a high note with a groovy song we can all enjoy.

Full House mini-reunion for Oikos Greek Yogurt

This might just be our favorite commercial of the clips we’ve seen so far. Enter Uncle Jesse (John Stamos), Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) and one of our favorite TV dads, Danny Tanner (Bob Saget). John Stamos starts the commercial with some serious sexual innuendo with a certain lady friend and ends the commercial without his pants. It’s totally not what you think!

Noah trailer

Of course, expect to see some action-packed movie trailers splashed between the beer and car ads. Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming feature Noah has released its 30-second spot early in all its visual-effects glory.

Images courtesy of Michael Rozman

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