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Girl Crush Extra: Mackenzie Davis on Miles Teller’s “white, naked butt

Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are three of Hollywood’s hottest actors. Rising star Mackenzie Davis sat down with SheKnows to chat about working with these incredibly funny dudes in the new film That Awkward Moment.

That Awkward Moment is a raucous comedy that explores the highs and lows of dating, connecting with technology and embarrassing biology. We asked the film’s star, Mackenzie Davis, what it was like working with Zac Efron (The Paper Boy), Miles Teller (Divergent) and Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights).

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“Those guys are like a traveling freak show together — just watching them riff off of each other was just a delight to watch. It felt guiltily not like work most days. [There were] a lot of laughs.”

We asked the lovely Davis if there was a lot of improv going on while shooting. She said, “We’d be pretty close to script, and then the last couple takes, you’d sort of riff on whatever was working. Tom [Gormican] wrote a really funny script, so you didn’t have to get too creative finding jokes in it because it was written very, very well.”

The actress admits she didn’t know any of the actors before shooting the film and that the whole thing came about rather quickly for her.

“I got the role on a Tuesday, I flew out Tuesday night, was doing a fitting on Wednesday and started work on Thursday. It was a very, very quick turnaround. I had an identity change while I was there; I came [in] looking like a totally different person. My hair got dyed dark and got cut. I wasn’t nervous — there just wasn’t space to be nervous.”

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The former model was proud that she had no trouble getting in touch with her awkward side. She admits her entire life has been “one unending string of small embarrassments,” particularly when modeling in Paris.

Davis describes that period of her life as “an elongated Candid Camera show of pratfalls and me just being the single most embarrassing person. Every photo shoot was rife with me ruining something in an irreparable way.”

The actress also reveals she’s compulsively honest and deals with any awkwardness in life by narrating everything as it’s happening, including “the person’s reaction to me narrating what’s happening and making it into a situation that’s a thousand times worse.”

Watch our interview to find out which hot young actor Davis “forced” to go out to dinner with her, and the most awkward moments on set, including what it was like watching Miles Teller’s white butt walking in front of her.

That Awkward Moment opens Jan. 31.

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