Pretty Little Liars review: Berry pie and Board Shorts Beer

Jan 28, 2014 at 10:51 p.m. ET

On "Bite Your Tongue," Spencer uncovers the biggest clues to date tying A to Ezra. How long will she be able to keep them a secret before she has to share what she learned with her friends?

PLL Bite Your Tongue Review

"Bite Your Tongue" was showcasing the Liars as they tried to successfully mix their desires to solve a mystery and their need to continue living. Pretty Little Liars is pushing all of the girls to their limits.

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • Hanna is reading James Patterson novels and taking lessons from his books to help solve the mystery of the random body in Ali's grave.
  • Mike has a party while his and Aria's parents are away and he invites Mona. They are dating.
  • Spencer discovers a clue that connects Ezra to Ali's diary and Board Shorts.
  • While searching for clues in the dentist's office where she used to work, A gets Hanna, gasses her and gets ready to plunge a needle in her mouth.
  • Emily gets stuck in the school while waiting for Mr. Fitz, and her father scales the wall of the school to get her out, then collapses on the ground.

Spencer's putting her life on hold to decipher Ali's diary. Instead of pulling an all-nighter to study for her physics exam, she uses chemical aids she procures from her old Academic Decathlon pal Andrew to learn the guy Ali was seeing ate boysenberry pie while drinking beer.

This information came in handy when she immediately saw Ezra eating the same pie only hours later at the restaurant mentioned in the diary, The Hart and the Huntsman. The waitress even noted to Spencer how strange it was to place that order.

Did you guess what kind of beer Ezra would be drinking? I thought it might be a berry flavor, but things really started to come together when Spencer turned the bottle around to reveal the name on the label was Board Shorts Ale.

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No wonder Ezra's getting a little panicky at the thought of Ali's diary being in the Liars' hands. He knows how crafty they've become, and the more he's put them through their paces the better they are at solving his puzzles.

Does every authority figure or self-help guru that Aria visits have to be a young male who seems just on the edge of making a pass at her? The guidance counselor, Jesse, who runs the group that brought together Mona and Mike gave me that weird-man-who-likes-girls feel. Aria's obviously distressed about Mike and Jesse wants to help, but I just hope his help has limitations... unlike Ezra's.

Detective Holbrook's reading suggestion to Hanna gave her the great idea to go fishing around her old place of employment, but everyone knows you don't go into a dental office when there's a creep lurking in the darkness waiting to hurt you.

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A went old-school horror movie on her, gassing her and implanting a secret message in her mouth warning her away from looking for more clues. These scenes are getting grizzlier and scarier, and it seems as though the fear factor has risen since Ravenswoodcame on the air.

I don't know why I keep saying "A" when it's pretty apparent it's Ezra. Given the information Spencer uncovered and the situation Emily found herself in, I'd say it's a foregone conclusion waiting to explode.

Emily's father unknowingly put both he and Emily in harm's way by asking Ezra to help Emily find something to occupy her time after school. Ezra didn't show up, of course, and scared her until she was locked in a room and her dad was scaling the wall of the school to save her. He got her into the situation, so he should get her out!

That's when Emily learned her dad has a heart condition. He really doesn't need the extra stress. Between this development, Spencer's grades and Mike getting caught up with Mona, the collateral damage is getting worse.

I was kind of surprised there was no mention of Jake and the punching bag incident. Would that scare him enough to stay away, even with his gut instinct to protect Aria? No matter how close the girls get to people in their lives, they're never quite close enough to understand the harm that's coming their way from A.

The exciting part of all of this is that it seems like we might actually get some sort of conclusion to the Ezra side of the mystery. Whether it's his dismissal from the school, a breakup with Aria or an arrest, any ending will do, even if it means the A story carries on.

There were some really great quotes from this installment that deserve some attention. Enjoy them!

"I mean, seriously Mike, was Mona here to poop or snoop?" — Aria

"Flying off the handle isn't going to help anything, Aria. People get what they deserve, eventually." — Ezra

"Drop the cougar crap and tell me why you're after a tenth grader!" — Aria

"Andrew, come on. I'm your study buddy for like three classes. Plus, once I showed you my sideboob." — Spencer

"Now? I'm not wearing any underwear." — Hanna

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