EXCLUSIVE: Megan and Liz talk growing up without a father figure

Megan and Liz are taking the music world by storm. The duo talked to SheKnows, not only about their music, but also about girl power.

Megan and Liz are fraternal twin sisters who are on the move. While the duo may seem to have it all — talent, smarts and looks — they’ve had some hardships along the way. The gals stopped by the SheKnows studios to talk about their music, their goals and growing up without a father figure. However, there’s one special person who made them believe in themselves.

When asked about their life without a dad in the picture, Megan knew exactly how to answer the question.

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She said, “I think it for sure it made us all about girl power.”

Liz chimed in, “Our mom is such a rock star.”

“She is!” exclaimed Megan.

That’s when Liz really broke it down for us about what their mom did for them growing up. It’s made them into the young women they are today.

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“It really made us appreciate her and just being a woman and realizing that you can do whatever you want. You are just as capable as a man. All of that stuff. We’re kind of feminists in that aspect,” said the blond musician.

With the excitement behind their debut album Look What You Started, it’s no wonder they’ve had the strength to stick together as sisters and take on the music industry. Their rise from YouTube to bona fide music stars is definitely no fluke. These powerful sisters are here to take on the world.

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