Metallica feels their Grammy loss was seriously f***** up!

Metallica may have wowed with their performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards, although they failed to secure a win. Was history just repeating itself?

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich addresses the bands 1989 Grammy loss

The 2014 Grammy Awards was filled with surprises, including unexpected wins, live weddings, aerial acrobatics and an outstanding performance from Metallica and pianist Lang Lang.

The unusual duo took to the Grammys stage to perform a rendition of the metal band’s hit “One” live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday.

The explosive and eagerly anticipated performance marked the band’s first appearance at the Grammy Awards in more than 20 years, and fans and critics alike expected Metallica to take home the Grammy gold for Metallica: Through the Never, which was nominated for Best Recording Package.

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However, the band didn’t win! And one person who will no doubt be upset about the band’s Grammys history repeating itself is drummer Lars Ulrich. Metallica was previously nominated for the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category in 1989 for their album …And Justice for All but lost out to rock band Jethro Tull that year.

Ulrich revealed his thoughts on Metallica’s previous Grammy loss in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

He said, “Getting the chance to put a band like Metallica on a national TV show like the Grammys, and getting to occupy five-and-a-half minutes of airtime, was a huge, huge, huge, huge thing in 1989. It was a kind of validation of tens of thousands of disenfranchised and left-of-center music fans’ existence, in a way.”

“It was the thought that the Grammys were out of whack with what was current, that it was still sort of a few years behind the curve in terms of what was really going on in the music world, rather than what was going on within the Recording Academy.”

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“This is how f***ed up it was: The record company had already made 10,000 one-sheets [publicity documents] to put in record stores that said ‘Grammy Award Winner.’ So we said, why don’t we just put a sticker on them that says, ‘Grammy Award Loser’?”

However, despite the disappointment of 1989’s Grammy loss as well as the one on Sunday, Metallica is no stranger to Grammy wins and has gone on to win multiple awards over the years.

The 50-year-old drummer added, “We’ve won a bunch of them [Grammy Awards] since. I can’t remember the count. So it worked out OK. I’m happy that we were the first guys to knock on the f***ing door.”

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