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Chelsea Handler: Conan O’Brien is packin’ & has a great bod

When we got the chance to sit down with our February Girl Crush, Chelsea Handler, we couldn’t wait to ask the funny lady about her shower scene with Conan O’Brien… and find out just how hot her fellow late night host really is.

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Chelsea Handler always says what’s on her mind, which can make for some pretty juicy stories. So naturally, we couldn’t wait to pick the sassy blonde’s brain about a few choice topics — like the obscenely funny (and, well, kind of obscene) naked shower-fight promo she filmed with fellow late night host Conan O’Brien.

Suffice it to say, one particularly pressing question steered our agenda: Is that really O’Brien’s ripped body, or is there some Lena Dunham photoshop wizardry going on? Is O’Brien really a stud?
In a word, yes.

“He’s got a great body,” admits Handler. “He said after that he became a sex symbol. That’s what he thinks.”

If you’re feeling both shocked and strangely attracted to O’Brien for perhaps the first time, don’t feel bad — you aren’t the only person to be seriously taken aback by the “surprisingly sexy son-of-a-b****.”

“People were like, ‘I had no idea Conan had such a hot body,’ and I’m like, ‘I didn’t either!'” laughs Handler. “Believe me, I was just as surprised. No, he works out.”

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The hilarious first lady of late night, who is currently promoting her book Uganda Be Kidding Me, shared her theory about O’Brien’s disarmingly buff bod.

“I think when you are a redhead, you have to figure a way to make it up in other ways, you know?” the comedienne deadpans. “And he was just like, ‘I’ve got to get my body together.'”

So, what’s your excuse, Chels? O’Brien’s not the only one steaming up that shower stall!

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