Molly Sims battled thyroid condition to lose baby weight

Jan 27, 2014 at 2:19 p.m. ET

Molly Sims revealed that she had a very hard time losing the baby weight after her son was born because of a thyroid condition.

Molly Sims

While Molly Sims may have looked awesomely fit in her bathing suit photo spreads, the supermodel claims losing weight after her baby was born was very challenging due to a thyroid condition.

During an appearance at Elle's Women in Television Celebration, Sims told People magazine about her plight with baby-weight issues and how it took many months to lose it. "It was hard work. It was hard work for almost 13, 14 months because of my thyroid issue," she said.

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Apparently, Sims gained 65 pounds during pregnancy due to her condition, and was very worried about losing them when the scale wouldn't budge. Luckily, once she found out what the problem was, her doctors gave her medication to get her thyroid back in control and the weight came off much easier after that.

However, the 40-year-old mom admitted that she has cut down on her workouts and focuses more on eating well.

"I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm actually exercising a little bit less, and watching what I eat a little bit more," she explained. "I find that sometimes I can over-exercise, where it actually makes me hungrier, to the point where I'm starving! So, I've been trying to cut back."

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Sims also confessed that she and her husband, Scott Stuber, are trying for baby No. 2 now. Becoming a mom has been an easy transition for the TV host and entrepreneur, so she wants to do it again.

Fortunately, Sims can include her baby-making efforts as part of her exercise routine, so she has to keep at it to make sure that second baby comes around, but it certainly helps to keep her weight in check.

"It's something you have to maintain," Sims added. "So you have to keep it going."

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