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INTERVIEW: Megan and Liz share new album deets

Megan and Liz have a lot on their plates right now, including a new album. They talked to SheKnows and gave all the details on the upcoming release.

Singin’ sisters Megan and Liz dropped by the SheKnows studio recently and we had a nice long chat. One of the many things they shared with us was all the details about their upcoming album. For starters, they’re pretty excited about it and promise that it’s a personal album that they’ve put all their effort and emotion into making just right.

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“Our heart and soul is in this record,” said Megan

“Yeah, blood, sweat and tears, man!” Liz agreed.

The girls have been on the scene for a while and their fans have been eagerly anticipating an album for quite some time. Why’s it taking so long and should we expect any big changes because of the holdup?

“You know, it’s literally something we’re trying to perfect which is why it’s taken longer,” Megan explained. “We really wanted to sound like us, we didn’t want to put something out that doesn’t sound like us. We’re happy to be who we are.”

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With such a long wait, what will the album sound like? Megan pointed out that they’ve changed a lot since they were 18 and 19. Since they’ve been working on the album for so long, their debut will contain a lot of the personal evolutions and reformations they’ve gone through in the last few years.

“You’re gonna see that really cool evolution of Megan and Liz and our sound and everything that we love and believe in,” Liz said. “So, I’m excited for the world to finally see it.”

With so much change in the girls’ lives and attitudes over the last couple years, will there be any underlying message in their songs? The sisters still think so.

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“We’re just trying to communicate being strong women,” explained Liz. “Believing in yourself, believing in your abilities and just kind of living your life in a really wholesome way.”

“You know, what makes you happy makes you happy for a reason,” Megan added. “And you shouldn’t have to explain that to anybody, you know? It is what it is.”

With so much time on the road before their albums, a lot of their songs on the record may be ones that fans are already familiar with. They’ll be happy to know that there might even be a few brand-new tunes on the album, too.

“There [are] a couple, actually, that we wrote literally a year ago,” Liz said. “It’s a ballad. The one I’m talking about, it’s like… this person likes you right now but are they willing to commit? I feel like that’s something that, being in your 20s, guy don’t want to commit. Do you want to commit?”

“Mine that I’m really excited about [is] when you do find that person and knowing that person is ‘the one,'” Megan said of the song she’s most excited for fans to hear. “And saying that all I need is them.”

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As for the future, the girls are pretty open. They’re ready and willing to tackle whatever life throws at them. Movie about their lives and tours? Maybe. Taking on acting? They won’t rule it out. The girls understand the importance of saying yes and they’re willing to do just that.

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