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Celebs mock, support Justin Bieber after DUI arrest

Justin Bieber’s arrest has brought out the best, worst and funniest in our favorite celebrities. See what they had to say about the teen idol’s latest legal woes.

Justin Bieber

Syria? What’s that? The only news anyone wants to talk about right now is Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest — celebrities included.

The reaction of the stars fell into two camps: On one side, complete mockery, and on the other, sympathy for what is obviously a bad situation quickly spinning out of control.

PHOTO: Justin Bieber bares a full-teeth grin in mug shot >>

First, the detractors:

VIDEO: Justin Bieber isn’t all smiles anymore — watch him in court >>

But others were a little more sympathetic to his cause.

Mackenzie Phillips, a recovering addict and former child star herself, told People, “The more people that laugh and giggle and make fun of a wasted celebrity who’s in handcuffs, the fewer people are going to go out and find recovery for themselves because that’s where they get their nods for behavior, what people are going to make fun of.

“The more we as a society make fun of people who are having severe difficulties and are abusing substances and alcohol, it trivializes a life-and-death battle that [some] people are going through.

“People say it’s a Hollywood problem, but you know these are people’s children, too,” says Phillips. “And the prescription-drug epidemic problem is out of control. We just hear about it more when it’s a Justin Bieber or a Lindsay Lohan… and I try to have some compassion.”

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