Nicole Richie on motherhood and former BFF Paris Hilton

Jan 24, 2014 at 8:29 a.m. ET

Nicole Richie is a bona fide renaissance woman. She's gone from party girl to working mom and fashionista.

Nicole Richie

It's been more than a decade since Nicole Richie became a household name, thanks to a little show called The Simple Life. The reality series pushed her out of then-best friend Paris Hilton's shadow. Richie is the daughter of legendary singer-songwriter Lionel Richie and has dealt with various personal battles, but she's come out on top.

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The then 20-something was known as a wild child. She'd spent time in rehab and was constantly critiqued over her extremely thin frame. Fast forward to present day and Richie is a new woman. She's gone from celebutante to businesswoman, wife and mother.

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At 32 years old, Richie has left a lot in her past. It's hard to believe she and Hilton are no longer joined at the hip.

In the latest issue of Marie Claire (via E! Online), Richie declared she and Hilton are still on good terms. "Paris has been part of my life since I was 2 years old," she explained. "There's a strong friendship between our families and we'll always know each other."

Richie has more important things on her mind than her social calendar. With husband Joel Madden (from the band Good Charlotte), she has two children: 6-year-old Harlow and 4-year-old Sparrow. And as the creative force behind the fashion line, House of Harlow, Richie juggles it all.

"Motherhood makes you way more conscious of how you distribute your spare time," she said. "Kids are so precious that your priorities change completely. I think that's a global struggle and we, all women, are constantly trying to find a solution."

Richie stressed that beyond the glitz and glamour, "I'm like any other working mother trying to make things work and dealing with this situation one day at a time. I have an amazing family and they've all been very supportive, my parents live only 10 minutes away and my husband and his twin brother help me when I need it."

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