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INTERVIEW: Megan and Liz girl-talk about boys and tattoos

What happens when you put two adorable and talented singers in a room with SheKnows? Things take a turn for the girly! We talk tattoos, boys and life without a music career.

Megan and Liz may be fraternal twins, but they’re identically talented! The duo recently stopped by SheKnows’ studios to chat with us about all aspects of our life. It quickly turned to boys and tattoos, making the whole thing feel a little like a slumber party. We started by asking if they ever wanted to be anything else when they grew up and it quickly escalated from there.

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“Literally, I found a first-grade journal entry and it was like, ‘I wanna be a singer,'” Megan said. “So I can honestly say it was my life goal.”

“For me, it was a lot different,” Liz added. “I wanted to be a lot of things. I always wanted to be a singer, that was always up there on the list, but there was a time where I was gonna be a marine biologist because I loved whales. It was my favorite animal. And then there was a moment where I wanted to be a tattoo artist…. Oh! I wanted to be like on Bones, like a criminal investigator.”

Wait, wait, wait! Tattoo artist?! So, does this mean either of the girls have tattoos? At the moment, the girls are both tattoo-free. But they know what they want and they almost committed the deed the last time they were in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We actually just talked about this the other day,” Megan told us. She explained, “We would get one of our lyrics tattooed on our wrists. But little twist: I would write hers to get tattooed and she would write mine to get tattooed. And it would say, ‘Stick with me through it all.’ It’s like a twin tattoo.”

Awwww. These two sisters are so close and so bonded. Do they ever fight over anything? Definitely! But what?

“It’s definitely clothes, makeup…,” Liz said.

“If our bathroom is clean or not,” added Megan.

“Yeah, just stuff like that,” expounded Liz. “When you live with someone you get annoyed and of course you nitpick everything.”

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So, what about boys? Have they ever fought over a guy? Are their tastes in boys similar?

“No, totally different,” Megan said. “Which has actually been really nice because we never fight about boys.”

“We’ve never fought over a guy. Ever,” agreed her sister.

Finally, if they have such different tastes in guys, how else are they different? Were they into the same things in high school? Did they run with the same crowds? It sounds like they were pretty different then, too.

“Yeah, you were the cool one. The heartbreaker over here,” Liz teased. “I was that art freak.”

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That seems unlikely! Liz swears Megan wasn’t a freak. She just did her own thing, which was actually pretty cool. The two may have different vibes, but there’s still a lot of love between them. That ought to go far for the two girls!

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