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Arrested! Justin Bieber sports a new look: Handcuffs!

Things just got out of control for Justin Bieber — the pop singer has been arrested for DUI and drag racing. What’s next?

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI and drag racing

Things in Justin Bieber‘s life just got a whole lot worse! For months, the “Beauty and the Beat” hit maker has been causing concern among his fans and family, and his antics have been getting more and more bizarre. And now it has all boiled down to this moment — Bieber has just been arrested!

Police revealed to TV station NBC Miami that Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, on Thursday around 4:30 a.m. for drag racing, and he reportedly failed a sobriety test.

According to the Miami Herald, Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez told reporters, “He showed symptoms of someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

“Bieber was incoherent, had his hands in his pockets and resisted arrest without violence,” Martinez said. “He also did not have a valid license.”

This is not the first time the pop sensation has gotten himself into trouble. Bieber’s house was raided last week by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies, which resulted in his friend LiL Za being arrested for illegal possession.

The “Baby” hit maker’s erratic behavior continued when he decided to take some time from his busy egging schedule to pee his initials into snow at a wealthy area in Snowmass, Colorado.

The 19-year-old singer’s bizarre antics got worse this week when he chose to spend a whopping $75,000 at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Florida, on Monday night. But his latest arrest is certainly the worst thing to have happened to Bieber so far.

Reports have surfaced from the Mirror that suggest there were mysterious pictures on Bieber’s Instagram account of him and a pretty brunette woman driving a yellow Lamborghini on Monday morning.

However, the incriminating photo, which is reported to have been captioned, “@chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo.” was deleted just hours later.

Bieber is expected to be taken to county jail later on Thursday morning, where he will booked and processed, and bail likely will be set.

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