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Shirtless GIFs: Mourning the loss of Bachelor Sean Lowe

Join us as we mourn the loss of one of television’s hottest, most shirtless men to matrimony.

Sean Lowe

With The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe‘s impending nuptials to Catherine Giudici just around the corner (Sunday, Jan. 26) we thought it would be appropriate to mark this occasion by doing something special. We toyed with the idea of strolling down memory lane and taking a look at this couple’s journey to the alter, but then we thought, nah. Women everywhere are losing one of the hottest single men we’ve seen on television in a long time, so we’re not really in the mood to be all charitable and lovey-dovey. We’d much rather ogle Lowe one last time, while he’s still technically single.


Too hot for his own self

What do you do when it’s hot outside and you have the body of a god? You strip, of course.

Sean Lowe

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Making waves

The only thing better than a day at the beach? Watching a shirtless Lowe having a day at the beach.

Sean Lowe

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Pool boy

It can get really boring looking gorgeous at the beach. That’s when Lowe likes to switch things up and look gorgeous at the pool.

Sean Lowe

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Welcome to the gun show

It’s not all fun and games for Mr. Lowe. To look this good, he’s has to work in the gym — a lot. Watching him pump iron and get all sweaty is making us tired!

Sean Lowe


Dirty boy

What’s a fella to do after a grueling workout? Why step into the shower of course. (Did it just get a lot warmer in here?)

Sean Lowe


A polished professional

When Ryan Seacrest interviewed Lowe, the girls in the studio begged Lowe to take his shirt off. Being the professional that he is, he cheerfully obliged.

Sean Lowe


Save a horse, ride a cowboy

You can take the cowboy out of Dallas, Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the cowboy. Thankfully.

Sean Lowe


Get low

Lowe can make even a simple series of push-ups look provocative. (Or is all this shirtlessness just going to our heads?)

Sean Lowe


Best wishes, we guess

OK, we can act like mature adults for five minutes and wish these two lovebirds the best of luck as they join in holy matrimony. Here’s to the end of an amazing, shirtless era.

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Photo credit: WENN

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