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VIDEO: Full House cast members reunite for Super Bowl ad

The Super Bowl ads are upon us, and it looks like Dannon is going to have a blast from the past for their spot. Watch the teaser here.

Super Bowl

Companies who shell out the big bucks for commercials at the Super Bowl brainstorm all year (probably) about the most clever ad they can imagine. They also appear to spare no expense for their talent. Luckily for Dannon, they already had a big-name celebrity name to back their Greek yogurt Oikos.

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So how do you take a star like John Stamos and make yours one of the biggest ads of the Super Bowl? You bring everyone back to the ’90s.

Dannon released a teaser for their Super Bowl ad, and it’s a big one. It starts like many of their commercials do — with Stamos eating some Greek yogurt. He is sitting in a kitchen and says, “Now, that was a good game.” The camera widens and two surprise guests appear — Stamos’ former Full House costars Dave Coulier and Bob Saget. Even better, they’re all in their PJs.

“Don’t you think it’s time we all get our own places?” Saget asked, to which Coulier and Stamos both reply “Nahhh.”

Because the spot is only a teaser, there’s no telling what their Super Bowl ad has in store. Maybe some of the other Full House cast members will join in on the commercial, like Jodie Sweetin, Lori Loughlin (who recently said she will “always love” Stamos) or even the Olsen twins. Candace Cameron Bure recently said she would even be up for a full-fledged Full House reunion.

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“Everyone talks about it and we’ve all talked about it,” Bure told Good Morning America earlier this month. “But who knows? It’d be really fun. I’ve always said I’d be up for it if it happens.”

See all the ads in their full glory during the big game, coming up on Feb. 2, 2014.

Watch Dannon’s teaser ad here:

Photo credit: Jody Cortes / WENN

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