Switched at Birth review: Guess who's coming to dinner?

Jan 20, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Toby finds his happy place, John reveals his less-than-tolerant side, Daphne learns a surprise about Campbell, Bay repays Tank for his kindness and Emmett discovers the possible identity of the vandal at Carlton in "Your Body is a Battleground."

Switched at Birth - Your Body is a Battleground

In my review of the last episode, I asked if Toby would ever be happy again and it looks like he has found his joy: coaching girls field hockey. I'm sure it probably seems like I'm treating this sarcastically, but I'm not. I'm pleased that he's found something to keep him occupied while he waits for his wife to come back. Anything is better than seeing the poor guy sulk around, so I'll be the first to congratulate him on his new gig.

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In fact, most of the characters were doing a lot better in this episode. Bay and Tank's friendship continued to grow and I am continuing to enjoy it. I like that Tank isn't just a one-note kind of character. Tank could so easily have been played as just the big, goofy jock but he's shown that he truly cares about people. I just loved that he and his friends got together to help out a fellow teammate having trouble with some plays on the field. I also liked that Bay went out of her way to help him stay in the class after what he did for her at the party. I'm sure there's all kinds of awkwardness coming when Ty comes back, or at least when Bay discovers he didn't actually cheat on her, but for now it's nice to see her just having fun.

Daphne was also a little ray of sunshine in this episode. Nearly every conversation between her and Campbell had me thinking about things in a new way and I like how this show does that. For instance, it never occurred to me that Daphne wouldn't "hear" Campbell's speech impediment. Of course that makes sense, but it just never popped into my mind. Also, I found his conviction about walking again very inspiring. It definitely made me want to think twice before complaining about going to the gym again. One thing I didn't see coming was Campbell having a girlfriend. It's a wrinkle that could actually make their relationship something I never thought it would be for Daphne: trouble. If she falls for him and tempts him away from his girl that probably won't end well.

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As for Kathryn and John, I was completely blindsided by his thoughts on Renzo. I knew John would be angry at Kathryn for lying about where she had been, but not that he'd have a problem with Kathryn's new friend being gay. I had to laugh at his "rubbing it in your face" comment. What exactly does that mean, anyway? Well, whatever it meant, I hope this will be a chance for John to learn how to accept different kinds of people.

Regina's story about helping her cousin design a baby nursery predictably led to her and Daphne discussing what it used to be like in their old neighborhood. I still think I would prefer the mansion, but maybe that's just me. As for her meet-cute with Wes near the dumpster, I won't swear that I saw sparks between them, but I will say that I saw the wood and the matches that would start the fire that could make the sparks. How's that for a convoluted metaphor? Seriously, though, I have a feeling something is going to happen with that guy, I just haven't put my finger on what yet.

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Finally, Emmett catching the tire-slasher on his camera and discovering it was (apparently) a deaf kid trying to frame one of the new kids was quite the scandal and I can't wait to see what happens. Will he decide to turn them in or not?

My favorite bits:

Bay wisely deciding to sign "drunk" behind her mother's back.

"So your curfew ate his homework? I'm not buying it."

"You should so not be handing me a stick right now."

Toby warning Bay that squealing wasn't intimidating and Bay arguing that it was probably the fact she wasn't intimidating.

"You look fantastic!"
"I know!"

Campbell calling Daphne a "deaf-tective."

Kathryn and Renzo performing for the family. I had no idea tap dancing could look like that.

"That hair will not be contained in two dimensions." — I so know how that feels.

What do you think Emmett will do now that he knows who the tire-slasher might be?

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