Kevin Bacon: “Fame is very, very bizarre

Kevin Bacon has been in the public eye for more than three decades, but the actor still finds fame and showbiz very weird.

Kevin Bacon still finds fame strange

Kevin Bacon has enjoyed many years of acting success and has starred in multiple films, but he admits that even after being in the spotlight for more than three decades he still finds it strange.

During an interview with the Metro newspaper, the Footloose star revealed, “Fame is very, very bizarre. If you just got it all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you would be like: ‘This is very weird.'”

“Then you kind of get used to it and think: ‘This is what my life is.’ If I had superpowers, invisibility would be a totally cool thing. The idea of going through the world invisibly would be so fascinating to me.”

However, that is not to suggest that the R.I.P.D. star did not always want fame. In fact, it was fame that initially motivated him to keep going in the showbiz world.

Bacon said, “I do not believe those people who say: ‘Well, you know, he’s an actor but he’s really super-shy and doesn’t want the limelight.'”

“That’s rubbish — I don’t believe it. Show me an actor who doesn’t want to be famous and I will show you a liar. Actors want to be famous. That’s part of what drives us. That’s what drove me initially.”

The 55-year-old actor also recently transitioned from the big screen to the small screen with his hit series The Following. Bacon revealed to Metro why he didn’t take on a role in a TV series sooner.

“I am not a person who has stayed anywhere very long. In my personal life I have, but in my working life I have a suitcase that is ready to go at a moment’s notice,” he said.

“The thought of being in one place for a long time was terrifying to me. But as it turns out, I’ve found that I’ve actually been enjoying sleeping in my own bed.”

Things, however, have not always gone according to plan in Bacon’s career, and his life has been riddled not only with success but also with failure.

However, the X-Men: First Class actor has his head screwed on straight and realized he cannot blame anyone else for the factors that have not worked out in his life.

Bacon confessed, “I think that part of being a man is taking responsibility for your successes and your failures. You can’t go blaming others or being bitter about it or being jealous.”

“Looking at somebody else’s success as your failure is a cancerous way of life.”

“So when it has come to the times in my life when things haven’t gone as well as I would have wanted them to — for example, after Footloose — that was nobody else’s fault but mine.”

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