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VIDEO: To Be One shares first-kiss stories

To Be One are making waves in the world of music, but they are also just trying to navigate high school. So what is it like to be a teen pop star?

Boy bands are usually a group of amazing singers who have to learn how to dance. But for To Be One, they were brought together because of their love of dancing.

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The group got their first taste of the spotlight when they appeared on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. To Be One — made up of Madison Alamia, 15, Mikey Fusco, 14, and Jason Smith, 14 — were the youngest ever crew to appear on the show. From there, they were given the chance to become a band (according to Fusco, “We’re a boy band because there are three of us, and we’re all dudes.”). They sat down with SheKnows to talk about what they have coming up, and what they’ve learned along the way. They even opened up about their first kisses.

“My first kiss was in 5th grade, it was like a little peck,” Alamia said. “You know when you were younger and you like a had a girlfriend, but it wasn’t like an actual girlfriend. It was just like you would text the girl all day with these hearts. So we were watching Transformers 1, we were in the theater. It was cute. It was pretty romantic.”

Smith said his first kiss was with his girlfriend, “actually last year, in 7th grade,” adding he was pretty nervous. “It was at the movies… it was the Katy Perry movie, because she was like ‘I want to see it so bad.’ So we went to the movie, and it was like a little peck like you said. And we were both really happy, and it was really nice.”

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Fusco said his first kiss was about three years ago, but he was with his friends at the time.

“I was with these guys,” he said. “We were at this dance show. And there was a party that was thrown and I saw this cute girl that I liked. I was very, very scared, I was terrified. I was almost peeing in my pants. It was an experience to learn from, and I just learned from there. It was an interesting time for me.”

The band members have been on national TV, and have had their video played on MTV, but are still dealing with the day-to-day lives of being a teenager. Alamia, Fusco and Smith met when they enrolled in the same dance class around the age of 6, and said dancing doesn’t always make them the most popular in school. But they don’t let it bother them anymore (and it obviously doesn’t stop them from being popular with the ladies).

“If you are doing what you love, what does it matter to other people?” Alamia explained. “For us, we’re doing what we love with people that we love — we consider each other brothers — you can’t let it bring you down.”

Plus, Fusco added, “Girls love a guy that can dance.”

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To Be One announced they are about to embark on a tour, and have big things in their future. They’re working on new music and getting ready for that tour. But they know it’s their fans who have helped them get to the place where they are now.

“Our fans have also been on this journey all along the way, so that drives us to do better,” Smith said.

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