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TRAILER: Elizabeth Banks’ event-filled Walk of Shame

Elizabeth Banks has a long road ahead of her. In Walk of Shame, a one-night stand turns into a nightmare when she awakens with no car or money.

Walk of Shame trailer

There’s nothing worse than being all dressed up and with no place to go. Thankfully, Elizabeth Banks doesn’t have that problem. In her latest film, Walk of Shame, a packed schedule is the least of her worries. As Meghan Miles, she has the best night and worst day of her life.

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Meghan is an aspiring TV news anchor. She’s always lived life by the book and assumed her dedication would earn her her dream job. Unfortunately, that’s not how it worked out. After bombing an interview and being looked over for a position, she’s down in the dumps.

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After such a depressing day, Meghan’s friends decide to lift her spirits with a night of clubbing. Meghan’s not really a party girl but she throws caution to the wind. While out, she meets a charming stranger (James Marsden), and has an eventful one-night stand.

After she wakes up, Meghan learns that her agent left her a phone message saying her dream job is still available. She just has to make it back to the studio by 5 p.m. After having her car towed, with her purse inside, Meghan is stranded. She stumbles across town, as she makes the journey to the most important interview of her life.

Meghan’s trek is the ultimate walk of shame. She’s still in club gear wandering the streets like a mad woman. It can’t get any worse than that. Or can it?

Check out the first trailer for Walk of Shame below:

Walk of Shame opens in theaters and VOD April 25.

Photo credit: Focus Features

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