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EXCLUSIVE: To Be One announces new 2014 tour!

The return of the boy band is upon us, and we’re pretty stoked. We’re sure you’ll be, too, when you hear To Be One’s big announcement — which they shared exclusively with us!

The guys of To Be One crashed onto everyone’s radar when they competed on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and, as the youngest group in the competition, managed to wrangle a second-place finish. These guys — aged 13, 14 and 15 — are about more than just popping and locking, though. They’re also talented singers with tons of energy — and we do mean tons. They stopped by the SheKnows studios to make a very big announcement, and Jason, Madison and Mikey were just as giddy as their screaming fans. The announcement? They’re going on tour!

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“We will be going on a tour soon. Very, very soon,” Mikey announced. “It’s going to be amazing.”

“It’s coming soon. You gotta be ready,” Madison added. “This is the first time it’s out there.”

Now insert the sound of three teen boys trying to sound like thousands of teen fangirls.

A tour, huh? So, what are they doing to prepare for their globetrotting? As it turns out, they’re actually in the process of recording an album!

“We’re actually in the studio. We’re halfway done with our album right now, “Mikey shared about preparing new music for the tour. “We’re just finding a few more songs. We’re gonna make it perfect — really, really perfect — because it’s important to us to make music.”

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Sweet! New music! But when you’re dealing with guys who rose to fame because of their dancing, what kind of music can we expect? R&B? Hip-hop? Pop? The guys are promising to deliver the same kind of music that they like: A little bit of everything.

Jason jumped in at this point and told us, “We like to switch it up for each song. So, we’re not gonna… Like, say, ‘Do You’ is really urban. We’re not going to do that [with] the other songs. We’re going to switch it up so people who like different things will be [able to say], ‘Oh, I like this one.'”

“You can definitely expect versatility in our album. That’s what we want to get out there and say,” Madison agreed. “It’s all revolved around pop, obviously, but there’s different styles in it. So there’s pop alternative and a pop hip-hop and a pop R&B. So you can kinda make everyone happy.”

“We listen to so many different kinds of music and so many styles,” Mikey explained. “So, the music that we like [to listen to], we like to incorporate into our music and just make everyone happy.”

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To Be One certainly isn’t the first boy band in the world and definitely won’t be the last, either. So, we asked them what they thought set them apart from groups like One Direction and The Wanted. They had no problem answering the question.

“We feel our dancing is definitely what stands us out from the rest of the groups,” Madison said confidently.

We agree. The boys of To Be One have some awesome moves. Are you excited to see them bust a move on stage?

Image courtesy of To Be One via Facebook

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