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Mel B’s daughter has a serious health scare

Mel B had to rush her daughter to the emergency room for what could turn out to be a serious health condition.

Mel B Melanie Brown

The Spice Girls told us to “Spice up your life!” but we’re sure Mel B didn’t mean quite like this. The singer-turned-radio-personality revealed she had to rush her young daughter to the emergency room under pretty scary circumstances, and it might turn out to be a serious health problem.

Mel B, who hosts 2DayFM’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B, revealed she almost didn’t make her own show Wednesday because of the medical emergency.

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“This morning’s been a little bit crazy because my 6-year-old Angel was feeling not very well yesterday, she was a little bit dizzy and had her first nosebleed, so I kept her off school,” Brown explained. “And then this morning she woke up feeling completely disoriented, and blood was just funneling out of her nose like no tomorrow. So I rushed her to the emergency room, I just literally left there like half an hour ago. She had a blood test, a heart murmur thing on… poor little thing!”

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“[The doctors] don’t know [what’s wrong], they’ve just done a bunch of blood tests so we’re just waiting for that stuff to come back. But they’re thinking it’s either some kind of a heart murmur or a vessel infection or sinus infection. A lot is going on!”

Speaking of a lot going on, would one of those things be another Spice Girls reunion?

“You know, I get asked this question a lot, and out of the five, it’s always me saying yes!” she laughed. “It’s just a case of getting everyone else to say that, too. But I will not give up, at some point this year I do hope to be performing with The Spice Girls. And if not… I’ll just have to kill them all!”

No wonder Victoria Beckham hightailed it back to the U.K.

Tell us: Do you want to see another Spice Girls reunion?

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