VIDEO: Farrah Abraham & Taylor Armstrong battle

Farrah Abraham and Taylor Armstrong did not exactly become fast friends on Couples Therapy, and now their feud has bubbled over onto the daytime talk show circuit.

Taylor Armstrong

Reality star feud alert! Farrah Abraham and Taylor Armstrong are taking their feud from the Couples Therapy house to Bethenny Frankel’s talk show.

The trouble started when the Teen Mom-turned-porn-star and the Real Housewife rubbed each other the wrong way while filming the VH1 show, but now Armstrong is airing her grievances with Abraham’s bitter enemy Frankel.

“When I first met her I didn’t know anything about her, I knew nothing about her past, I didn’t know about the sex tapes and all these things…” Armstrong said on Frankel’s show. “I was trying to mentor her in some ways and then when this sex tape and lies started to surface I felt really betrayed because I thought I could be spending my time here in this house working with people who really want the therapy.”

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That was mild compared to some of the things Armstrong said on Couples Therapy, including calling her “the most self-absorbed human being I’ve ever met,” but still Abraham was not amused and voiced her wrath on Keek.

Watch Farrah Abraham’s comeback to Taylor Armstrong

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“I wanted to address Bethenny Frankel’s show with Taylor Armstrong,” Abraham began. “Again, this is a show for women by women. But we only want to take the best woman on Couples Therapy [presumably herself] who is trying and who is hard-working and doesn’t lie, just doesn’t really want to talk to alcoholics on the show.”

“So thank you Taylor for saying your piece,” Abraham said. “I don’t need to lie, nor do I want anything to do with you. So thank you for talking about me on your own special. I really appreciate it. And keep my name out of your mouth.”

Tell us: Are you Team Farrah or Team Taylor?

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