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Miranda Kerr has a sky-high cry post-Orlando Bloom split

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom intend to have the best divorce ever. Despite insisting all is amicable, the beauty broke down in tears on a recent flight.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr isn’t afraid to give soon-to-be-ex Orlando Bloom a compliment. Answering three small questions from People during a recent interview, the model mom opened up about her divorce, her mid-flight habit and dancing.

When asked what was the most recent thing she was impressed by, Kerr replied, “By Orlando Bloom’s performance on Broadway in Romeo and Juliet. It just closed.”

Aware the answer might be a surprise, considering the pair announced in October they’re ending their marriage, she added, “We’re good friends [despite being separated], and we want the best for each other.”

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The mother of 3-year-old Flynn Bloom then came clean about her most recent tear-fest, sharing it was a romantic movie that broke down her defenses unexpectedly.

“I was watching The Notebook. It was randomly playing on a flight,” Kerr explained. “I get emotional sometimes on airplanes.”

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Despite the looming divorce, life’s not all sadness.

“[This morning] I was dancing on set, but I’m always dancing,” Kerr shared when asked about the last time she boogied. “When I get home from work, I put the music on and dance around with my son. It’s something we both really enjoy. We dance to everything, but his favorite is ‘Lilly’ by Pink Martini.”

Seems she’s not kidding about them being a dancing duo! Two weeks ago, this sweet photo, captioned “Family fun dancing on the big piano!”, popped up on the model’s Instagram feed:

Images via Brian To/, Instagram/mirandakerr

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