5 Reasons we're crushed about Newsroom's third, final season

Jan 14, 2014 at 8:20 p.m. ET

It's been a short ride, but it's been a great ride. The Newsroom is coming to an end. Here's a handful of our favorite moments.

The Newsroom

In all its infinite wisdom, HBO announced yesterday that Aaron Sorkin's amazing show The Newsroom was being renewed for a third and final season. In other words, we're being promised eight to 12 episodes of one epically depressing wrapup.

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The end seems somewhat surprising. The show pulled in such heavy-hitting fans as Brian Williams (you know, Allison Williams' dad) and Dan Rather — but that wasn't good enough, nor was the increased viewership between the first and second seasons, nor were the excellent ratings. The show performed well enough for HBO — not exactly at the Game of Thrones level, but it still drew in 2.2 million for the Season 2 premiere. That's not bad. Heck, Jeff Daniels even won an Emmy for his role! As a matter of fact, The Newsroom's only downside was the fact that critics seemed to despise the show so much. There's no accounting for taste, though.

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We at SheKnows have been avid viewers from the very start and will be crushed to say goodbye to our friends on the show. To help cheer us up, we've decided the only natural response to this lousy news is to shower fans with our favorite clips from the first two seasons.

Warning: NSFW at a loud volume — HBO loves the F-bomb!

Remember that first, most perfect scene? We do, too! Will (Jeff Daniels) took our breath away with his honesty, which has reeled us in and kept us there for the last two seasons.


When everyone else was saying Gabby was dead, the News Night team refused to call it until someone other than NPR could confirm. That move paid off. As we all know now, she lived!


When news broke on a long-distance flight, Don's reaction was particularly brilliant. The Newsroom was always inspiring, sure — and it was often pretty hysterical, too.


Jerry Dantana was an awful human being, and Don summed him up perfectly when a possible future employer called for a reference. But his summation soon found Don on the business end of a lawsuit. Ouch!


Our favorite Will McAvoy moment (aside from the time he got high) is definitely the time when he stood up for the gay soldier who was booed at the Republican primary. Like so many times before, it seems like Will was willing to say the things we keep waiting to hear from actual anchormen.


Are you giving him a standing ovation?

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Sure, the show could be a little preachy sometimes. Yes, it occasionally seemed like we lost sight of the "news" because the show was clouded with relationship drama. At the end of the day, though, we still love The Newsroom, and we'll be crushed to see it go.

Image courtesy of HBO