Justin Bieber’s pal Lil Za arrested for drugs at singer’s home

During Justin Bieber’s home raid in relation to the egging of his neighbor’s home, cops arrested the singer’s friend, Lil Za, for drug possession.

Justin Bieber

A slew of police cars descended on Justin Bieber’s home this morning in relation to the egging of his neighbor’s house. During the raid, Bieber’s friend, Lil Za, was arrested for cocaine possession at the pop idol’s home.

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As has just been reported by TMZ, Lil Za was arrested by Los Angeles cops at Bieber’s home, and they have it all on video. The wannabe rapper was said to be in possession of cocaine and taken into custody by authorities.

An L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. rep confirmed the arrest and revealed that Lil Za’s cocaine was in “plain view” during the raid. Bieber was supposedly not connected to the drug and no other drugs have been found so far at his home.

Deputies were at Bieber’s home looking for evidence linked to the egging incident the controversial teen was involved in. Bieber is accused of having launched an egg attack on his neighbor’s home which reportedly amounted to several thousand dollars in damages.

While the egging is believed to be the reason cops raided Bieber’s home, there are reports they may have had other information that led to the search of the “Boyfriend” singer’s Calabasas, California, mansion. Apparently, they were hoping to find any evidence that would reveal he was the egg-pelting perpetrator and maybe find other incriminating items, such as drugs, which would be fair game if found.

No word on what Lil Za was doing at Bieber’s home, as he had been asked to move out a few months ago after having lived with the Canadian crooner for a while. The pair was said to have had a rift, but it seems they’re back on friendly terms.

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