What do The Bachelor and The Hunger Games have in common?

Jan 14, 2014 at 8:45 a.m. ET

What could a reality TV dating show and a blockbuster film franchise about a dystopian nation's barbaric ritual games possibly have in common? As it turns out, a lot more than you'd think.

The participants are subject to extreme scrutiny and uncomfortable clothing

The Bachelor contestants

The Tributes

Gratuitous shirtless shots of hunky buff dudes are used liberally

The Bachelor shirtless hunk

Shirtless Hunger Games

Making a big impression is kind of a big deal

The Bachelor big impression

Hunger Games big impression

Food provides a special bonding experience

The Bachelor food bonding

Food bonding Hunger Games

A chipper escort keeps things moving and provides moral support

Bachelor host

Hunger Games Effie

Still, there's plenty of prolonged silence and too much togetherness on the couch

The Bachelor Couch Time

Hunger Games Couch Time

Hello, high school! Cliques are back, and the mean girls have stepped it up a notch

The Bachelor Mean Girls

Hunger Games District 1 Tribute

It's really no wonder the meltdowns are major

The Bachelor meltdown

Hunger Games meltdown

All roads lead back to an awkward love triangle (or quadrangle, or whatever)

The Bachelor love triangle

Hunger Games love triangle

The women don't shy away from a little heavy metal, so to speak

The Bachelor

Hunger Games weapon

There may be a proposal, but the odds it will end in marriage aren't in their favor

The Bachelor proposal

Hunger Games wedding gown

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The Bachelor photo/still credits: ABC; Hunger Games photo/still credits: Lions Gate