Kevin Costner's back: "I'm sick of the f***ing minivan!"

Jan 16, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET

SheKnows caught up with Kevin Costner to find out about his role in the new action film, his career longevity and his beef with minivans.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The Dances with Wolves star is thrilled to be back on the big screen in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Costner plays William Harper, a mentor figure to the young Jack Ryan (Chris Pine).

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About his role, Costner told SheKnows, "What I liked about it was I wasn't just a person at a desk, on a phone, going, 'Get the hell out of there, what are you doing, you need to do it faster.' Kenneth (Branagh, the film director) was able to say 'I want to incorporate some of your skill set.'"

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The Hatfields and McCoys star loved that idea because he could "take the gloves off and bring a physical presence and team up with [Jack Ryan] at the right moment."

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

When asked how he's been able to maintain the longevity of his career, he gave a surprising answer.

"I didn't get my first check until I was about 27, 28 years old, so I didn't burst onto the scene at 19 or 20. If you look at the guys in my category, I probably have about half the movies that they have."

We counted 49 feature films under his belt listed on the IMDb vs. the 79 we counted for Bruce Willis, so his numbers aren't too far off.

Costner also told us, "Longevity to me is not a check, but a love of making movies, living my life outside the lines of Hollywood, so when I come to work, I like to work. I like to work with people who are very specific. I've been fortunate and it's added up to 30 years."

So why did he take the recent break from movie-making?

"I had three little kids in the last five years, my wife and I. I slowed down for the last three to get them started, and I just had enough of that f***ing minivan. I had to get a minivan because my back was killing me from the SUV, moving those seats and s***. I thought about killing someone for real, like in the action movies, because I thought, this is too tough."

We feel your pain, Kev, but we're glad you're back.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opens Friday, Jan. 17.

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