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Music review: Do Shakira and Rihanna have chemistry?

I would say this is an east-meets-west type of track, but Colombia isn’t all that far from Barbados. But it’s fair to say these divas met half way in tropical paradise somewhere along the way for this sizzling single.


At the risk of sounding corny, I was ready to “remember to forget” this collaboration.

I mean, really? I was like, I can half-expect the likes of Christina Aguilera, or even Gloria Estefan pairing up with raunchy Rihanna.

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But the charming Shakira? Pfft. I know you’ve heard of a Southern belle, right? I feel like that’s what Shakira is; she’s like Colombia’s sweetheart. Sure, she’s a megastar famous for gyrating her hips and crooning her gurgly vocal prowess, but after being on display on The Voice, I want to say we all fell for her meekness.

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That being said, I should’ve known better to doubt her.

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She made good decisions on the hit show, and she made a good decision with collaborating with the memorable Rihanna. In their brand spankin’ new single, “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” Shakira leads out with her enticing, tormented voice. The background music inches on with a tropical urging, and when the chorus drops, listeners are awakened by a surprise element: rock-laden drums.


It’s a colossal combination of sassy vocalists with enlightened beach-like music and flares of pumping drums.

Not too shabby ladies, not too shabby at all.

It’s not a song you will remember forever, but it’s a song from Shakira showing promise that another “Hips Don’t Lie” or “Waka Waka” is just ’round the corner. And from Rihanna? Well, I had to listen to the song twice to realize the second verse was her voice. She blends in smoothly, but perhaps at times, too smoothly to be commended for her contribution solely.

With them as a pairing, my interest is piqued, and I would like to see more from them. What are your thoughts readers? Did this long-anticipated single meet the requirements of fans? Did you like the Shakira-Beyoncé pairing better?

Sound off below! In the meantime, check out the single here.

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