EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Nettles on being a mom: “It’s the death of the ego

Have you missed that sweet, Southern, loud and clear voice of Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles? We have, too! Luckily, she’s back. But this time she’s flying solo. Has motherhood changed this songstress? Definitely.

Jennifer Nettles, That Girl

The sassy and sexy vocal powerhouse at the front of country band Sugarland has made some big changes in the past 13 months. Not only is she a new mama, but she’s also taken a break from her band to pursue her solo endeavors. How is she handling motherhood and musical life without her buddy Kristian Bush? Fairly well. Though, in a recent interview, she admitted that having a baby has really rocked her world.

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“It would be easier to tell you how my life hasn’t changed since becoming a mother because there would be an answer of ‘Nothing,'” Nettles responded when asked about how motherhood has changed her life. “It’s basically, having a child, I will call it ‘the death of the ego,’ because we learn so clearly where our attachments lie. And how we define ourselves before having a child and how we define ourselves after having a child. There is a big difference between the two.”

Her priorities may have drastically changed after giving birth to sweet little Magnus Hamilton, but her ambition hasn’t disappeared. After conquering country music as part of the Sugarland duo, Nettles recently decided to strike out on her own. As much as we love Bush, we’re just as excited for this solo venture. The first single is a little song called “That Girl” and it’s all about accidentally becoming the “other woman.” The lyrics reference Dolly Parton’s hit about the mistress “Jolene” and the video is smokin’ hot.

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That stunning video is for the delicious title track for Nettles’ album That Girl, which releases everywhere on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Written while she was pregnant with Magnus, Nettles says the writing process was all about the next re-creation of herself. She recorded 21 live tracks while holed up for a month in the legendary Shangri-La Studio. Together, she and producer Rick Rubin made the final cuts that would eventually become That Girl.

We’re delighted by Nettles’ newest re-creation and eagerly anticipating her latest studio creation.

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Buy Jennifer Nettles’ new album The Girl here, or download it on iTunes!

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