INTERVIEW: Will Jack and Emily end up together on Revenge?

Jack may be Emily’s perfect match on Revenge, but Nick Wechsler doesn’t want to see the two live happily ever after.

It’s the relationship every Revenge fan wants: Jack and Emily together forever. Now, Nick Wechsler, who plays Jack, tells us Jack may finally want it too.

“Now that he kind of lost her, but didn’t, he’s going to feel the grudge is kind of over,” Wechsler told SheKnows at the Golden Globes after-party on Sunday.

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All it took was a couple bullet holes to the gut, and Jack’s grudge against Emily (Emily VanCamp) is forgotten.

“I think we’ll see some feelings for Emily cropping back up,” Wechsler admitted. Jack is ready to move ahead in his life, a fact for which we can all be grateful.

Of course, a relationship on Revenge isn’t that easy. Two people who have feelings for each other can’t just be together and live normal, healthy lives. Instead, Jack will continue to be pulled toward his relationship with Margaux. But Wechsler does promise that it’s going to be harder for Jack to stay away from Emily now.

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Still, the actor is hesitant to see the characters together. He compares the beginning of this season to a scene from the X-Files where they give fans a taste of a loving relationship and then take it away. If you’ll remember, this season of Revenge started with a passionate kiss between Jack and Emily. A kiss that Jack said didn’t make him feel anything, though we know he was lying.

Wechsler likes the idea of the two never ending up together. “I think that’s the smart move. I think it’s more important that people keep rooting for them to get together than it is for them to actually get together.”


Do you agree with Wechsler? Or do you think Jack and Emily should end up together on Revenge?

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