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Ali Fedotowsky: The Golden Globes red carpet “smelled like the inside of a toilet

SheKnows caught up with Ali Fedotowsky at the Golden Globes and she revealed some interesting facts about the new Bachelor, sewerage floods and dressing up as Jennifer Lawrence.

SheKnows was lucky enough to catch up with the beautiful TV host Ali Fedotowsky at the 2014 Golden Globes and we were keen to ask her all about The Bachelor.

Fedotowsky revealed what she thinks about Juan Pablo this season, saying, “He just came on E! News the other day and I interviewed him and he was so nice.”

“Honestly, he was so cool. I was telling him how me and my girlfriends watch the show together and he was like ‘Oh, I’ll come surprise them with you if you want me to.’ And I just really like him, I think he’s a good, good dude.”

We all wish we had the 29-year-old host’s job — she gets to go to all the best parties and rub shoulders with Hollywood’s A-listers. So what is the best part about award season?

Well, for Fedotowsky it’s all about arriving at the event and the thrill she gets. She confessed, “It’s that feeling when you first get there, that excitement. I honestly think that is the best part. I know I could be like, ‘Oh, interviewing this wonderful celebrity or this one.’ Which is cool too, but it’s just the feeling of being there and the energy of Hollywood vibrating. It’s just cool.”

However, the less glamorous side to Hollywood events is when things go wrong and the blond beauty admitted that there was a rather smelly situation that occurred earlier in the day. She said, “Except today, there was like this big sewerage flood. It smelt and it almost flooded the E! News platform.”

When asked to describe the smell, The Bachelorette star said with a giggle: “Well, it kinda smelt like the inside of a toilet.” Before quickly adding, “I’m kidding. I’m kidding.”

The bubbly blond is no stranger to interviewing celebrities, but on Sunday night at the 2014 Golden Globes she decided to get dressed up instead.

Fedotowsky said, “I didn’t do any interviewing tonight. Tonight I got dressed up like Jennifer Lawrence from American Hustle. Me, Jason Kennedy, Kristina Guerrero, we all got dressed up like the American Hustle cast and I was Jennifer Lawrence.

“That was my job today.”

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hottest talents in Hollywood right now and Fedotowsky admitted that even dressing up like her character was an intimidating experience.

She said, “The dress I had to wear was extremely intimidating, I didn’t want to eat for like two weeks leading up to today because I wanted to fit into that dress.”

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