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Ross Mathews picks best dressed at the 2014 Golden Globes After Party

SheKnows caught up with Ross Mathews, who gave an interview that did not disappoint! He revealed his pick for best-dressed celeb at the 2014 Golden Globes, which celeb leaves him starstruck and what movie he would love to star in.

America has fallen in love with Ross Mathews since he first made his appearance as an intern for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Since then, he has been making waves in the entertainment industry and is loved for his massive, bubbly personality.

SheKnows was lucky enough to catch up with Mathews at the 2014 Golden Globes After Party, and before the interview process had even begun, Mathews showed just why the world loves him as he joked about his pants falling off.

Revealing everything from how he is starstruck by Julia Roberts, what movie he would love to star in, the best fashion of the night and how his dreams have come true, Mathews gave an interview that did not disappoint.

So, who did the TV host think the best-dressed star of the night was? Mathews revealed his verdict, saying, “Best dressed I think, 1) because it’s the best dressed and 2) because she needed to make a statement, she needed to become a household name and because of what she wore tonight and her performance she did. Lupita Nyong’o from 12 Years a Slave in that orange-red cape, she was best dressed!”

And we have to agree with Mathews’ pick because the beautiful actress looked elegant and refined as she showed off her figure in a simple Ralph Lauren cape dress at her Golden Globes debut.

Mathews himself looked dapper in a black suit complete with a black bow tie and a monochrome pocket handkerchief. And the next question on everyone’s mind had to be: Who surprised the stylish TV personality last night?

Fashionwise, Mathews was really surprised with Drew Barrymore, commenting on how beautiful she looked. “For an expected mother, I think it’s such a sweet kind of dress, so ethereal and dreamlike. It’s cute, I loved it,” he said.

And things are looking up for Mathews, who has just finished filming Season 1 of his own late-night talk show Hello Ross. So what’s it like having your own show? “It’s been phenomenal,” Mathews confessed.

“We have just finished Season 1 and Season 2 comes back in February on E! It’s the dream. It’s the dream. And we are doing it the right way. I’m a super fan of the show, it’s a fan for super fans. You guys are the co-hosts, we have celebs and you guys [the audience] get asked questions. It’s the right way to do it and it’s working.”

And we are so pleased the Hello Ross star’s dream is coming true because he said he’s always wanted to be a talk show host ever since he was 8 years old!

Mathews shared, “I dreamt about one day being there [Golden Globes] and one day getting to talk to all the celebrities. Never once did I actually think I would get to do that and then go to the parties… but heeeeey. Check the list.”

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