10 Cutest photos of Juan Pablo with his daughter

Jan 13, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET

As if The Bachelor's Juan Pablo needed to get any more attractive, seeing pictures of him with his daughter Camila is enough to melt our hearts.

OK, so The Bachelor's Juan Pablo has a goofy personality, a career he loves and is good at plus a killer bod — but even more attractive than those traits is his obvious love for his daughter, Camila. Juan Pablo has made it clear that he isn't just looking for a soul mate but also a woman who can fit into Camila's life as a strong role model.

The Bachelor Juan Pablo spends time with his daughter Camila

Juan Pablo is very protective of his daughter. Apparently, the 4-year-old was allowed to watch her dad in the special that aired before the season premiere. But he told SheKnows that she's only allowed to watch some parts of the upcoming season.

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Juan Pablo and his daughter Camila during the holidays

In the series promo, Juan Pablo said he'd rather "end up with nobody" than have Camila not be proud of him.

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo and his daughter Camila watch a game

Juan Pablo's parents and Camila will be staying in the mansion with Juan Pablo for the Los Angeles portion of the show.

The Bachelor Juan Pablo greets his daughter Camila

Juan Pablo was sure to point out during the premiere, "It's important for the girls to understand that Camila is the biggest part of my life, and I want to make sure that I'm a good example for my daughter."

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Juan Pablo spends some time with his daughter Camila and her friend

No word yet on whether or not Juan Pablo plans to introduce Camila to his bachelorettes. Because he's so protective of her, we're guessing that if it happens at all, it will be much later down the line (like the final two).

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo and Camila take a trip to Disneyland

Juan Pablo and his ex Carla Rodriguez still remain friends and are committed to raising Camila together. According to Reality Steve, Rodriguez was around in Los Angeles and Miami during filming to be close to Camila, though it's unclear if we'll see her on camera at any point during the season.

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo and Camila make faces at the camera

Uh, you think these two are related, maybe? Just a guess...

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The Bachelor's Juan Pablo and Camila have a pool day

Camila was born on Valentine's Day, and Juan Pablo made sure to tell ABC, "She's my valentine forever."

By the looks of the above picture, Camila likes taking care of Dad, too.

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo teaches Camila how to shoot

Don't mess with Camila or her dad! These two are too cool for school with their glasses. Safety first!

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo and Camila soak up some sun

This image is our favorite of the bunch! Could this picture be any better? It's picture-perfect.

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Images courtesy of Juan Pablo's Instagram