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VIDEO: Kira and Scott in love? Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho tells all

Teen Wolf‘s newest girl talks about the possibility of romance with Scott and her bravery at plunging in with the popular crowd in Beacon Hills.

Arden Cho has the enviable task of joining Teen Wolf, MTV‘s sensational dramatic hit, in the middle of its third season. What makes her job somewhat daunting is her character, Kira, was shown in the Season 3 trailer getting very chummy with Alpha werewolf Scott (Tyler Posey), who was in a previous relationship with hunter Allison.

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When a show has been on the air for years, allegiances have formed and being the girl responsible for putting another nail into an epic love like Scott and Allison’s (Crystal Reed) could have gone either way for Kira. Yet viewers took an immediate liking to Kira, and Cho is the reason why. She’s charming both on- and offscreen.

Cho says that Kira is not only the new girl, but she’s kind of lonely. She wants to fit in and make some friends. “You’ll get to kind of see and experience some changes with Kira that she doesn’t really know about yet,” Cho explained. That sounds interesting. When asked if she was the bad guy, Cho admitted she didn’t know, but she hopes not.

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The conversation she jumped into when the gang was talking about Bardo was simply Kira eavesdropping, according to Cho. “She doesn’t really know that they’re actually living it and that’s happening to them.” Cho said that explains why she’s so matter-of-fact about her conversation with the gang, but she also admits she’s proud of Kira for being brave.

She just walked over to the table where all the popular kids were and join their discussion, something Cho said she was never able to do in her own life. Kira also had information that she thought might be helpful to Scott and his friends. “Be smart and you’ll make friends. And dress kinda cool, because Kira dresses kind of cool,” Cho joked.

Is romance inevitable with Scott? That was a kiss in the trailer, wasn’t it? Not according to Cho. “Our faces get quite close, but we didn’t kiss,” she teased, “We could have been whispering. We were just looking.” Cho thinks Scott gazed at Kira with a “special look.” That was nice for Kira in the moments after her father humiliated her in class — to see Scott, who is kinda cute, look over at her with interest. “He remembered her name later on,” Cho said. “If a guy remembers your name, that’s gotta be a sign, so maybe!”

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Cho is very excited about the upcoming scene that shows her face-to-face with Scott in wolf form and she thinks, “Wow, this is not your average town. Beacon Hills is really special.”

Cho finds Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) predicament this season fighting with his own reality and losing his mind particularly terrifying. She said even knowing what’s coming she found herself watching and wondering, “Is it real, is it not real?” She pondered the entirety of the first episode, “Was any of that real? So, I mean, we don’t know. It’s terrifying.” Indeed.

If she had the chance to have some hot guys come back from previous years, Cho wouldn’t necessarily pick a guy at all. “There’s actually a lot of hot people from last season that are girls that I wish would come back, cause this show is such a boy show — so many boys. But it’s great, nobody’s complaining. Trust me, we’re not complaining that there’s a lot of hot boys,” Cho clarified. She mentioned her excitement that Kate Argent is back and that we don’t know yet if she’s real or just a hallucination.

Who needs more boys? After all, Cho might already have her own love interest all tied up and she’s only one episode into her run on Teen Wolf.

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