People’s Choice Awards honor Jennifer Hudson and her sister

Jennifer Hudson and her family went through a tragedy, but they picked themselves up and are working to help others. They were honored for their work by the People’s Choice Awards.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson was in the audience of the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night, Jan. 8, along with her sister. The award show was honoring them for their organization, the Julian D. King Foundation, with the “Favorite Humanitarian” award.

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LL Cool J presented Hudson and her sister with the award.

The sisters lost their mother, nephew and brother in 2008, and started the foundation to help children in need. As a video played honoring the women, Hudson began to cry.

“It’s one thing to be a celebrity and have power, but it means nothing if we aren’t making a difference and helping someone else,” Hudson said. “It also feels good to see positive acknowledged.”

Hudson shared her struggles growing up in Chicago, and hopes she is a role model for all those still struggling.

“We want to show them, it’s starting at home in Chicago. And hopefully worldwide.”

Hudson brought her sister on stage to show people that “it’s a team effort, and it started back home at our church where we grew up. Our mother always taught us without family we have nothing.”

Back in 2011, Hudson shared similar sentiments with Oprah.

“The only thing I can do to honor their memory is to make them proud,” she told the host. “I keep thinking, ‘Would my mother like this or that, would she want this?'”

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Her sister seemed a little shy, but Hudson asked her to speak while on stage. She said “we help the people and for the people to give the award to my sister and I, it shows we are making a difference.”

The acceptance of the award was emotional for both Hudson and her sister, and they dedicated the award to their lost loved ones.

Watch the video here –

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