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Does Jake Miller have a big-screen movie in the works?

We just can’t get enough of Jake Miller! When he stopped by our studio, he chatted with us about all kinds of stuff — including possible plans for a movie. Wait. What?!

Ever since we first heard his name, singer/rapper Jake Miller has continued to get bigger and gather even more screaming fangirls. After amazing music videos and an intense tour, it seems like all the pop stars these days decide they need to release a movie about their tour experience. Will Miller? We hope so! We’re dying to know about tour life for this hunk.

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“Right now, we have like a little reality web series on YouTube,” Miller told us when we asked about a possible movie. “We kinda always make a joke that if we don’t use this footage, it’ll be in the movie later. So… maybe one day.”

Ugh! OK, fine. If he’s not promising a big screen spectacular, he could at least give us a little insider scoop on tour life, right? That’s exactly what he did! It turns out Miller and his mostly male touring entourage are quite the pranksters.

“When it comes to sleeping, you don’t mess with anyone while they’re sleeping just ’cause sleep is so rare on tour,” Miller said. “But we do our little funny stuff. We have this one kid who we always pick on. He’s like the tour punching bag and we’re all the bullies. He’s the drummer.”

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Wait, wait, wait! But Miller is the positive message king! Isn’t bullying a little… well, mean?

“Bullies are bad!” He explained the tour situation with a laugh, saying, “It’s a playful bully.”

As it turns out, Miller is the epitome of a nice guy. But with his ever increasing biceps, he certainly looks like a bada**. Any chance he’d ever make any tough guy moves, like getting a tattoo?

“I’ve considered it. Same with like an earring. But I don’t really think it’s me,” he said. “Certain people can rock ’em. But I don’t think I could rock them. I’m gonna stay clean-looking.”

That’s probably because that’s what his longtime girlfriend would prefer. That’s right, ladies. Miller has a serious, long-term girlfriend and he doesn’t have any plans on that changing anytime soon. It sounds like no amount of shrieking fangirls could change their relationship.

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“It hasn’t really affected it, to be honest,” Miller said of the effects of stardom on his relationship. “It might in the future, but for now, she’s been with me since before I even started making music. The fans all know her. They all love her. And she’s really supportive.”

We doubt she’s going to let him get away very easily, either. We asked what their cutest date was and he definitely had us swooning.

“I once flew her to New York City and we did this little cruise ship around the Statue of Liberty,” he shared. “[Then] I gave her Katy Perry tickets because that’s what she wanted.”

We previously talked about all of Miller’s screaming and crying fans. We’re pretty sure they’d pass out if he ever took one of those ladies on an adorable date like that. It’s no wonder Miller has the ladies all over him. He’s obviously a romantic.

We wonder if we’ll ever see clips of that date on that big screen movie we all want so bad.

Image courtesy of Catherine Powell and Jake Miller via Instagram

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