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Jake Miller: “I think Miley Cyrus is really cool!

SheKnows had Jake Miller in-studio recently and we’re excited to share even more of the interview. Did you know he’s friends with Cody Simpson and totally digs Miley Cyrus?

When Jake Miller stopped by the SheKnows studios, we ran the gambit on interview material. He’s pretty much an open book (and a really good read, at that!). Somewhere along the way, though, we found ourselves asking him about some of the other people in the music business. Being the cool guy that he is, Miller was all love for everyone we mentioned. Especially Miley Cyrus!

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“I would definitely be down for that. Yes,” Miller said about a possible collaboration with Cyrus. “I think what she’s doing lately, everyone’s kind of criticizing her, but I think it’s really cool. I’ve seen a lot of interviews and she’s doing all this stuff on purpose, it’s all part of her plan and she’s got everybody’s attention.”

Hopefully she won’t ask him to dance with her, though. “I cannot twerk.”

While Cyrus is all about getting attention however she possibly can, Miller prefers to focus on positive messages. We asked him where he drew the line for music content and he was quick to answer.

“I’m definitely never gonna be one of those people who rap about stuff that no one really cares about like drinking, cars and money,” Miller told us. “That kind of stuff I’ll never get into just because I’ve seen throughout this whole process how important it is to make a positive difference with your music. So if I have to throw out a curse word every now and then just to convey the message, I might have to do that. But it’s still positive and a good message.”

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He’s definitely ready to get into the studio and put pen to paper and mouth to mic, too. As a matter of fact, when he stopped by our studio, he said the next stop was the recording studio. He was eager to get back to doing what he loves.

“We’re actually getting into the studio tonight for the first time in months,” he shared. “I haven’t really been writing just because on tour there’s so much to think about and so much going on. So, it’s kinda hard to do that.”

Studio time is awesome, but touring and making appearances has afforded Miller the luxury of meeting some of his idols and making new friends. He’s toured and worked with Sean Kingston and Snoop Lion and enjoyed every minute of it. He’s even met one of the bands he grew up listening to, Fall Out Boy, and another guy whose positive messages are taking the world by storm, Macklemore.

“Recently we performed with Macklemore and Fall Out Boy. People like those are people that I’ve been listening to my entire life on my iPod and people I looked up to,” Miller said. “To now kind of consider myself on the same playing field as them, obviously not as big but just to share the stage with them is an honor. It’s really cool.”

He’s made some big-named friends, too. Miller seems pretty close to Cody Simpson and even knows Austin Mahone.

“Cody’s awesome,” Miller told us. “I’m friends with a lot of those people. Like Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone. They’re all doing really well right now. They’re all really great guys and obviously good at what they do.”

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Sounds like Miller is livin’ the good life, right? So… is there anything not-so-great about being so famous? Miller says the only downside for him is being away from his home so much. That’s not enough to pull him out of the fray, though. As a matter of fact, he’s already thinking about what’s next.

“Basically, I just wanna be doing what I’m doing now, but on a much bigger scale,” Miller said of the future. “Obviously I’m with Warner Brothers now and I hope that us together will make a great team and we’ll just make a lot of great music, great videos. Just blow everything up.”

At the rate he’s going, that’s only a matter of time.

Photo credit: Jake Miller via Instagram

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